Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned tennis player, Valley Tennis Club has something for everyone. Please note that membership is required to take advantage of any teams, clinics, ladders, leagues and camps.

You must be a member of Valley Tennis Club to participate in any club programs. Click here to join the Adult (26+ year) waiting list or click here to join the Student (18-25 years) waiting list.


Ladders have become competitive at Valley Tennis Club with women's singles, men's singles and mixed ladders being offered. Ladders begin in May and run until the end of August. Adult and student members of all levels can participate in the ladders.

House League and Round Robins:

Valley Tennis Club is pleased to offer round robins and a house league:

  • The Monday Morning Spring and Fall Round Robinsruns every Monday starting early May until mid June from 10 am 12 pm. It is adoubles (mixed, men's or women's) 2-hour round-robin. Playersrotate every half hour for 2 hours of play. Open to Intermediate to Advanced level players and sign up begins onlinethe Sunday a week before at 7 pm and you sign up week by week.
  • The Wednesday Night Mixed Doubles House League runs everyWednesday for 12 weeks from early May to the end of July from 7 to 10 pm.This very popular league is fun for players from intermediate toadvanced. Register online starting Opening Day weekend.

* For more information,members please login.

Inter-Club Team Tennis:

Valley Tennis Club offers several teams designed to engage players at all levels. Teams are open to adult and student members as well as competitive junior members. You must be a member of Valley Tennis Club to play on a team and members may only play on one team. Tryouts are held at the club in late April and early May.

Please email Domenica Sforza, Vice-President and Teams Directorat with questions about Inter-Club teams.

Women's Division 4:

The Women's team plays in the Toronto Ladies Tennis League ( on Monday nights starting in early May for 14 weeks and are scheduled at 7:30 pm for home matches or 7 pm for awaygames at other clubs. League begins early May.

Men's B1:

The Men's team plays on Tuesday nights and there are 4 matches each team night from early May to late July. They play in the Toronto Men's Tennis League ( The matches begin at 7 pm.

Intercounty Mixed Majors:

The Majors team plays in the Intercounty Tennis Association ( from mid May to late July. ​The team plays on Tuesday nights from 7 pmto 11pm.


For members 40+ years as of January 1, this team plays on Saturday mornings from 9-11 am. The team plays in the North York Tennis Association Veterans League ( Matches begin early May and end late August.

Junior Team:

This team competes against other local clubs on Saturday mornings in the Junior LeagueIntercounty Tennis Association ( The matches consist of singlesor doubles play. The league is for players wanting to experience competitive tennis and is ideal for Juniors 12to 17 years of age. Theteam runs fromearly May until late June and tryoutsare scheduled in early May.For questions regarding the Junior Team, please contact Gavin Damstra, Junior Director at


Tournaments are held towards the end of the season, typically beginning in August and culminating in mid-October.

An annual Junior tournament is held for one day in late-September. It is open to all junior members ages 7 to 16 for novice players and above.

For more information regarding tournaments please email Larry Hargrove, Tournaments Director at

Club Connect:

Members who are seeking a game can use the Club Connect option on the website to post that they are looking for a game or search for those who are seeking a game. You can enter your level and the time or day you are looking to play. A great way to find new people to play with at your level.


There are member social round robinstypically held 4 times during the season from May to August.


Tibor's Troop is a social round robin especially popular with those 60+. Named after its founder, Tibor Haynal, this program has been running for 19 years and is Thursdays afternoons throughout the season (from 2-4 pm spring and fall and from 4-6 pm mid June to the end of August).