There will be a women's, men's and mixed ladders in 2021. Register online under 'Register for a Ladder'. The ladders begin July 5. LADDER RULES & REGULATIONS 2021

SIGN-UP: Adult and Student members of all levels can join the ladder(s), it is FREE to join.

Registration online. To sign up, register under 'Register for the Ladder' in your members portal. If an event has already launched, you may join at any time after the start date once approval is given by the Tournament Director.

STARTS/ENDS: Women's Singles / Men's Singles / Mixed Doubles Ladder JULY 5TH - SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2021

FORMAT: Players to arrange their own matches and book their own court (based on court availability).

A player/team can challenge another same player/team up to 3 (three) times for the entire season.

All matches are 1 hour long, 8 game pro sets (ie. first to win 8 games or whoever is leading at the end of the hour). A tie breaker is played at 7-7 or any tie with only 10 minutes if court time is left. (Keep warm up briefly to maximum of 5 minutes or warm up on the practice wall).

TO ARRANGE GAMES: Login, click on Ladder then 'View my Ladder Information' and select the player/team you want to contact to arrange matches by ticking the box at the end of the line with their name and then click 'Send email/message to selected players' at the bottom of the page. Tennis court booking rules are the same for ladder matches as for non ladder matches.

BALLS: Each team brings a new canister of tennis balls for each match, the winning team takes the unopened cans of balls, and your opponents keep the game balls used for play.

CANCELLATION POLICY: For the best usage of the court time, if a ladder player/team cancels a booked game twice in a row, it would be considered a defeat (i.e., automatically forfeit the game).

POINTS: Each player/team receives points for a match played. Winner gets 4 points // Loser gets 1 point. There is a 4 point bonus for a team who plays all other players/teams once during the entire season.

ENTERING SCORES: After the match, the players need to enter the scores on the website. Login and then under Tennis Ladder (bottom left side), Click on 'View my Ladder Information' 'Enter Score' and record your scores. For the Mixed doubles, please have the same team member enter the score each time.

PLAYERS AVAILABILITY: If you join the ladder but then are going away or unable to play for a set period of time, you need to inform the Ladder Director.

END OF SEASON WINNERS: There is a prize given at the end of the season for the player/team with the most points in each ladder event (Women's Singles / Men's Singles / Mixed Doubles Ladder). To be eligible to win, each team must have played at least 6 (six) ladder matches during the season per event.

Good luck with your ladder matches and have fun!

Domenica Sforza - Ladder Director