Rules re bringing a guest Last Updated: September 14th, 2020

Members can now bring a guest to play at Valley.  Members may bring up to 2 guests a month but no guest may come more than 3 times per season, even if they come with different members.  Guests must abide by all Valley Club rules, including all COVID protocols.  It is up to the member to ensure their guests follow the rules.

If you are bringing a guest:
-You must book the court and include the guest's full name at least one day before. No same day guest bookings allowed.
-The member booking the court must send the Valley COVID-19 waiver (under the Policies/Rules/AGM Tab) to their guest or guests. Your guest(s) must sign and accept the Valley COVID-19 waiver and email it back to before 10 pm the night before the scheduled court time. If no waiver is received the court booking will be cancelled. The waiver must be signed by the parent of the guest if they are 17 or under.
-The fee of $10 per guest must be paid online by 10 pm the night before.
-Guests must also do the COVID-19 self assessment ( that the city requires all players to do the day they are playing.  Guests may only come to the club if they pass the assessment.
Again, if we don't receive the signed guest waiver and the guest fee payment by 10 pm the night before the scheduled match, the court booking will be cancelled.
If you have any questions re guests, please email

City Stage 3 Guidelines for Community Tennis Clubs Last Updated: August 9th, 2020

Click here for the City Guidelines for Community Tennis Clubs which came out August 7.

COVID-19 self-assessment required before come to club Last Updated: June 19th, 2020

Prior to attending the Valley, every player must do the self-assessment for COVID-19 on the Ontario Ministry of Health website and if they do not pass the assessment they should not attend a community tennis club court until they pass the assessment and do not have signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Tennis players can visit the City's website to determine if further care is required and learn about assessment centres.