VTC Tournaments  

A great way to challenge your game and meet new people is by playing in a club tournament. The Valley

runs many adult tournaments :

-Singles: Women's, Men's A and B and Veterans(40+ years)

-Doubles: Women's, Men's, Mixed and Super 60(for those 60+ years)

  • The Valley Club Tournaments. Open to all student and adult members 18+ years. Deadline to register for all tournaments will be emailed to members and posted in the club.

Men can only enter A or B singles, not both.

No cost to register. Open to all student and adult members. Members provide the balls except for the finals.

Please read the rules for the Tournament before before you register.

Register online by clicking on 'Register for Singles Tournament' or 'Register for Doubles Tournament'. Please enter the name of who you are playing when entering the doubles tournament. Deadline to register for all tournaments will be emailed to members.

  •                            (For information on the Junior Club tournament, click on the Junior tab.)


Please note the following important points:

1. Register online by the deadline under 'Register for Tournaments'. 

2. Registration is free and open to all adult and student members. You can sign up for multiple events, considering age and gender categories. For Men, you can only sign up for A or B singles.

3. The seeds for the draws are selected by the Tournament Director based on consultations with the club Head Pro and results of last year`s tournament. The draws, once completed, are final and will not be changed.

4. Players will book their courts(through a club monitor) except those in the Men's A and B singles where the club will book them and we post the draw on the website and email it to those in the tournament for the first round. Players may only book their own courts for the first round. Winner(s) of the previous match contact their next players to arrange the match time. Once a match is scheduled it may not be changed.


1.  Both players/teams are expected to bring a new can of balls.  One can will be used for the match, the unopened can will be given to the winning player or team.
2.  In the first round of the tournament pro-sets will be played(first to 8 games) - 1 hour court time will be booked. Starting in the second round, matches become best of three sets-2 hours court time will be booked. Court time can be booked for tournament matches on the hour, not on the half hour.

3.  Warm ups are limited to 10 minutes, no exceptions.  Time allotted for 1st round is 1 hour and 2nd and other roundss is 2 hours.

4.  Failure to appear for a scheduled match will result in disqualification. 

5. If a player is more than 10 minutes late, they will be defaulted. The player who is there would speak to the monitor to let them know.
6. The winner(s) enter the scores on the drawsheet posted in the clubhouse.
7. Reminder members can not book a court or have their name in a court booking for the hour before or after a tournament match. They may use a court if it is empty at that time.
8. Courts for tournament matches can be booked before the normal 3 day advance booking rule. Example, if today is Monday, you could book courts for next Saturday by calling a monitor. The monitors are booking the tournament courts and the court time for tournaments doesn't count in your 2 hours of court time booked allowed in the system at one time.
9. If you don't finish your match during the time the court is booked for for the 2nd round and beyond, you need to book another court at another time. If a monitor is there, you can speak to them to see if a court is available for you to continue your match or you need to book at court for another time. For a ProSet match, if you don't finish within the hour, whoever is ahead after the hour wins.
10. If you are playing a Pro Set and it is 7-7, you need to play a tiebreaker or additional games so one player(team) wins by 2 games whichever you agreed on before you started your match.
Good luck to all competitors!