There is a men's and a women's ladder which run from July 1 until September 15. Great way to meet other members. Members coordinate games and enter the scores on the website.

What is a ladder? A list of members, that are grouped by level, who want to play singles that you can challenge to a match during the month. After the first month, people get divided into different groups each month depending on how many matches they have won - thus how many points that they have. This gives members an opportunity to meet other players at around their level. You arrange the match at a time that works for you and your opponent. Great way to meet other members.


    There are 2 adult ladders - 1 men's and 1 women's.
  • SIGN-UP: Members of all levels can join the ladder. Registration is online. To sign up, you can register online under 'Register for the Ladder' under 'Ladders' in your member portal. There is no cost to join. If you join after the beginning of the month, your name gets added to the bottom of the list, however, you can start challenging players above once you have been approved and your name is added to the ladder.
  • STARTS/ENDS: Ladder begins July 1 and runs until September 15 (2.5 months).
  • FORMAT: Members contact each other to arrange the games and they book the courts.  At the end of the month, the ladder is rearranged based on points received that month. A player can challenge the same player to a maximum of 2 (two) times within the month. All games are 1 hour and are 8 game pro sets. (ie. first to win 8 games or  whoever is leading at the end of the hour. A tie breaker is played at 7-7 or any tie with only 10 minutes of court time left).
  • TO ARRANGE GAMES: Login, click on "Ladder" then '"View my Ladder Information and select who you want to contact to arrange matches by ticking the box at the end of the line with their name and then click 'Send email/message to selected players' at the bottom of the page'. Tennis court booking rules are the same for ladder matches as for non ladder matches.
  • TO UPDATE YOUR PLAYER PROFILE: Login and under 'My Profiles' on the left side, click on 'View/Update my Player Profile' and then you can add your level and when you are available to play to make it easier for players to know when to try to arrange matches with you.
  • BALLS: Each player brings a new can of balls to each match. The winner takes home the unopened can and the other player keeps the used balls.  
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: For the best usage of the court time, if a ladder player cancels a booked game twice in a row, it would be considered a defeat (i.e., automatically forfeit the game). 
  • POINTS: Both players receive points for a match -winner gets 4 points and loser 1 point, for ties you get 2 points. Due to the shorter season, there is a 4 point bonus for players who play with all players in their box within the season.
  • ENTERING SCORES: After the match, the players need to enter the scores on the website. Login and then under Tennis Ladder(bottom left side), Click on 'View my Ladder Information' and then 'Enter Score' and enter your scores. 
  • PLAYER AVAILABILITY: If you join the ladder but then are going away or unable to play for a set period of time, you need to inform the Ladder Director.
  • END OF SEASON WINNERS: There is a prize given at the end of the season for the person with the most points in each ladder (the men's and the women's). To be eligible to win, you must have played at least 8 (eight) ladder matches during the season. 

       Good luck with your ladder matches and have fun!

       Domenica Sforza - Ladder Director